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Glass Office Walls: Why we recommend PurOptima Glass Walls

September 21, 2023

Innovation in architecture and modern design has transformed the way we live and work. One such architectural innovation is the use of glass walls in the office space. Glass walls have become an increasingly popular choice for many businesses and organizations due to their style and functionality. From private offices to conference rooms, glass walls have given workplaces a refreshing feel and a sense of openness that was not possible before. In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of incorporating glass walls into your office space, the cost of using glass walls in comparison to drywall, and why PurOptima's glass wall products are the best choice for your office space. We will also explore our partner, Benhar Office Interiors, and their contribution to the glass wall industry.

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Should offices have glass walls?

The simple answer is yes. Glass walls are an elegant and modern solution for creating privacy in open office spaces, while also allowing natural light to flow throughout the office. Glass walls offer an expansive view of the surrounding environment, making employees feel connected to nature and their surroundings. Additionally, glass walls give an open and transparent feel to offices, promoting better communication and encouraging collaboration, which are essential elements for business growth.

Is glass more expensive than drywall?

There is a common misconception that glass walls are more expensive than drywall installation in the office. However, this is not the case when you factor in all the benefits of using glass walls. Glass walls require minimal maintenance compared to painted drywalls, which require frequent repainting. Glass walls are also energy-efficient, allowing natural light to flow into the office space, reducing the need for artificial lighting. These energy savings could result in lower utility bills. Furthermore, PurOptima's glass wall products are customizable, meaning you can have a tailor-made solution for your office space at an affordable price.

Are glass walls more expensive?

Glass walls can be cost-effective in the long term when compared to traditional building materials such as drywall. Using glass walls can increase the value of a property because Glass walls offer numerous aesthetic and functional benefits. Glass walls allow for natural light to flow throughout the office, providing better views, insulation, and energy cost savings. Additionally, glass walls can be soundproofed and privacy tinted, which is an excellent feature for confidential meetings, human resources interviews, or executive board meetings.

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Why choose PurOptima's glass wall products?

PurOptima's glass wall products are the perfect solution for your office space. PurOptima's glass walls are constructed using a proprietary system that offers superior acoustic performance and energy efficiency. These systems are made with tempered or laminated glass that is easy to clean and virtually unbreakable. The dissimilar layers of glass in PurOptima's product works as a sound barrier between spaces, ensuring your privacy with minimal disruption. The product also provides an energy-efficient solution as it minimizes the need for artificial lighting through improving daylight availability and reducing heat gain from the sun. PurOptima's glass walls are customizable, allowing you to tailor make your glass walls to your office's size and specifically meet your office needs.

Benhar's mission is to create a modern workspace for clients to succeed. Benhar supplies PurOptima's glass wall products as part of their portfolio. Supplied under Benhar's partnership with PurOptima, these glass walls provide modern solutions to the office's interior design and delivery. Benhar's partnership with PurOptima is a testimony to the quality and innovative solutions offered by PurOptima's glass wall products.

Glass walls are an aesthetic and functional breakthrough in modern architecture. They offer a refreshing and open feel to office spaces and promote collaboration, communication, and employee engagement. Contrary to popular belief, glass walls are not more expensive than traditional building materials such as drywall, and they offer cost-saving advantages such as minimal maintenance and natural light energy savings. Additionally, the PurOptima glass wall product boasts superior acoustic performance, energy efficiency, and is customizable to meet your specific office needs. Partnering with Benhar Office Interiors can help make the installation process easy by providing innovative interior design solutions. Transform your office space today by choosing beautiful and functional glass walls provided by PurOptima.

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