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Office space optimization

and leasing decision making.


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Technology for workspace optimization

The way your business operates has changed. How office space is used has changed. Remote work and the hybrid workforce are variables that require new approaches. Our sensor-based workspace occupancy and space utilization platform combined with AI-powered space planning tools will provide objective data in a format that is easy to understand. Our 3 step process will give you the information you need to make evidence based space decisions for what comes next.

1. Understand space usage.

Occupancy and space utilization sensors.

While they may seem small, space utilization sensors are mighty in terms of what they deliver. Benhar Office can place sensors around your workplace to inform how employees are interacting with the office. They can be placed on desks or in meeting rooms and will provide unbiased accurate data about the usage of that desk or space without disrupting employees' workday.

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HubSpot Video

2. Visualize the results.

AI-powered planning solution.

Looking at dashboards and spreadsheets populated with occupancy data can be confusing. Our team will create customized reports, make workspace recommendations and generate plans and virtual tours based on those recommendations to help you make confident decisions, and more effectively communicate with your stakeholders.


3. Virtual to reality.

Furniture budgeting and procurement.

Creating a working environment where employees can collaborate and thrive means working with a partner who has access to the widest range of products and can turn your plans into reality. Collaborate in real time with our designers using 3D live design software with instantaneous budgets. We make the process easy,  whether it's a department as part of a pilot, or an entire building, Benhar Office has the team and the technology to help you achieve your office of the future.

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